Wednesday, March 16, 2011

R.I.P Little Max

He who gives life also takes it away.
Yesterday we went to our first ultrasound at UW Medical Center (3rd total ultrasound) and they informed us that there was no heartbeat (16w2d) - actually they didn't really have to announce because we saw when the ultrasound tech scanned for the heart and there were just bars...she showed the Dr what she took and the Dr came inside to tell us that there was no heartbeat as she promptly put the Doppler where should have been a heartbeat and we saw bars need to say anything then, we knew.

As you can read below, Max had some disabilities and most likely passed away because of his condition and complications that were unknown to us. We choose to keep and love him the way he may have been, but God had different plans for Max after all.

Thank you for all your prayers,

Bobby, Camila, and Soleil Rose


  1. Thank you for being willing to share your heart wrenching story with people. May the Lord give you grace and peace as you walk through this difficult situation.

  2. I am a lurker on BBC Aug. due date club and just came across your post. I want to say that my thoughts are with you and your family.

  3. I am so sorry about the loss of Max. There are no words. I too lost my baby that was due in August 2011. He was diagnosed with T21 after the fact. I'm so sad that he couldn't join us. I wish you much love and healing.